Proud to be one of Manitoba's Top 25 Employers

November 25, 2013

Red River College is pleased to announce it has been named one of Manitoba’s Top 25 Employers for the fourth year in a row. 

“It truly is an honour for the College to be recognized as one of Manitoba’s Top Employers once again,” said Stephanie Forsyth, President and CEO, Red River College. “Our most important asset is our people, hence the development of a comprehensive People Plan created to foster a culture in which all 2,500 staff feel connected and supported by the organization. We’re an employer of choice in Manitoba and I am proud to say that we have been one for 75 years.”

This comprehensive human resources strategy has made RRC an employer of choice through a variety of initiatives related to recruitment, retention, professional development, succession, total rewards, labour relations and organizational effectiveness.

RRC provides exceptional benefits, such as: three weeks of vacation for new employees; maternity top-up payments; a defined benefit pension plan; a flexible health care plan; and an on-site daycare. The College was also recognized for its efforts to improve environmental sustainability, which earlier this year earned a designation as one of Canada’s 50 Greenest Employers for 2013.

“Having a positive work environment offers many benefits,” said Forsyth. “It makes us more competitive in recruiting new talent. It reduces staff turnover and it improves productivity because satisfied employees who feel empowered in their roles are a lot more enthusiastic about their work. It also creates an environment in which people know they are a significant and vital part of an organization committed to excellence.”

Red River College has nine campuses and annually sees more than 30,000 enrolments in over 200 full-and part-time degree, diploma, post-degree and certificate programs. Through award-winning instruction and training on state-of-the-art equipment, RRC prepares its students to become leaders in their fields, while partnering with industry to conduct research and ensure curriculum remains up-to-date.

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Partnership with Maxim Truck & Trailer Recognized

November 22, 2013

At a special plaque unveiling, Red River College honoured Maxim Truck & Trailer’s partnership with Red River College with the naming of a classroom.

The Maxim classroom signifies the long standing partnership between Maxim Truck & Trailer and Red River College which includes support of Alumni and student success and a generous $100,000 pledge to the Heavy Equipment Transportation Centre in 2012.  Maxim President, Doug Harvey served as the Capital Campaign Chair of the HETC fundraising campaign and through his network was able to assemble a group of industry representatives to aid in supporting this project. Mr. Harvey has been a driving force in the success of the activities related to the campaign that will benefit apprentices and the industry for years to come.

Showing off the new plaque

Pictured L-R: President Maxim Trucking Inc. Mr. Doug Harvey & President and CEO, RRC Mrs. Stephanie Forsyth.

“Doug Harvey’s contributions to Red River College and to various causes and organizations demonstrate what an incredible philanthropist and friend he is to the Manitoba community,” said Stephanie Forsyth, President & CEO, Red River College. “With his passion for the transportation industry, Doug Harvey has been one of the most influential reasons for industry engagement in this monumental project that has allowed the realization of a 60,000 square foot state-of-the-art technical training centre.”

“The importance of Heavy Duty Technicians to our business cannot be overstated,”said Doug Harvey, President, Maxim Truck & Trailer.  “We are proud to support a first-class training centre at Red River College that helps promote, attract and train heavy duty technicians for the transportation industry.”

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RRC Proud to be Recognized by Exchange District BIZ

November 21, 2013

Exchange District Biz has recognized Red River College’s contribution to the revitalization of the Exchange District with an Award of Excellence.

The Exchange District BIZ Awards of Excellence recognize community members who have made significant contributions to the vision of the Exchange District as Winnipeg’s prime heritage destination, cultural epicentre and premiere location for distinct and renowned dining and retail amenities.

Paterson GlobaFoods Institute (Located in the old Union Bank Tower) - Photo Credit: RRC

Paterson GlobaFoods Institute (Located in the old Union Bank Tower) - Photo Credit: RRC

“We wish to thank the Exchange District BIZ for recognizing Red River College’s contribution to this historic neighbourhood,” said Stephanie Forsyth, President & CEO of Red River College. “Our institution is focused on fueling Manitoba’s economic growth and community development and this award reinforces the College’s strategic intent.”

“Red River College is a strong advocate for the Exchange District, continually encouraging development to take place in our expanding neighbourhood,” said Brian Timmerman, Executive Director, Exchange District BIZ. “RRC’s vision in converting the century old Union Bank Tower is not only exciting, but crucial to the success of the District.”

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Throne Speech Places Emphasis on Key Education and Training Initiatives

November 13, 2013

Red River College is pleased to be an integral part of building Manitoba’s workforce needs today and for the future.

“Red River College is a compelling first choice for post-secondary education; a critical source of knowledge and training and one of Canada’s Top 10 research colleges,” said Red River College President and CEO, Stephanie Forsyth. “We applaud the government’s decision to issue a tender to build a new state-of the-art Skilled Trades and Technology Centre that will be housed at Red River College’s Notre Dame Campus.”

“Business and industry are key partners in RRC’s success,” said Forsyth. “This new facility will be one of the most advanced in the country and we look forward to the opportunities it will provide to Manitoba students and employers.”

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RRC Joins Worldwide Culinary Alliance

November 5, 2013

Institut Paul BocuseAt a special ceremony in France, representatives from Red River College signed an agreement making RRC the only Canadian partner to be inducted into the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance.

“We are joining a network of expertise that will further benefit our students, staff and programming at the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute, Red River College’s School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts,” said Stephanie Forsyth, President & CEO of Red River College. “The Institut Paul Bocuse is located in Lyon, France, the heartland of food and wine country and this agreement signals partnerships that provide countless benefits to staff, students and our programming.”

“We are pleased to welcome our Canadian partner to the Alliance,” said Eleonore Vial, Dean, Director of Academic Development, Institut Paul Bocuse.  “We look forward to the opportunities this partnership represents and the educational opportunities we both shall realize.”

“By joining this Worldwide Alliance we have the opportunity of sharing skills and best practices by participating in exchanges of teaching staff from the Institut Paul Bocuse and its partners,” said Keith Muller, Dean, School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts, RRC. “It’s a tremendous opportunity and a positive reflection on the innovative educational programming the College offers.”

The Institut Paul Bocuse formed the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance in 2004.  Today this unique alliance covers 14 partners in 15 countries, all among the world’s top Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts schools. Partners of this Alliance are located  in Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Finland, France, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan and the United States.

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RRC Ranked as a Top 10 Research College

October 23, 2013
Solar Trough located at Red River College's Notre Dame Campus

Solar Trough located at Red River College's Notre Dame Campus

Red River College has been ranked seventh out of 50 Canadian research colleges and polytechnics, having posted $4.37 million in research income during the 2012 fiscal year. The ranking is based on the inaugural Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges List, released Oct. 23 by Research Infosource Inc.

“This is excellent validation for the College,” said Stephanie Forsyth, President and CEO of RRC. “Colleges and polytechnics play a key role in research and innovation in our country. Today’s announcement demonstrates our growth and ever-increasing engagement with industry, while further establishing us as a top-performing Canadian college and polytechnic and a strategic research partner for businesses.”

Major areas and initiatives supported by the research funding included improvements to the energy performance of commercial and industrial buildings, technology and training for Manitoba’s aerospace and manufacturing industries, and testing and demonstration of electric vehicles.

Much of the research leverages the province’s harsh climate to conduct practical research and testing to solve real-world problems faced by Manitoba industries and communities, while also producing innovative solutions that can have an impact on the lives of all Canadians. Read More →

Strengthening Manitoba's Economy for 75 Years

October 9, 2013

Red River College - Celebrating 75 YearsSince the 1930s, Red River College has delivered programs to provide a skilled workforce and drive Manitoba’s economy.

On Wednesday, Oct. 9, a special ceremony took place at RRC's Notre Dame Campus to mark the College’s 75th Anniversary. Live-streamed to all nine campuses, the celebration paid tribute to the countless staff, students, alumni, donors and friends of the College who over the years have helped to make RRC one of North America’s leading post-secondary institutions – and Manitoba’s only polytechnic.

“Red River College has become a network of choice for post-secondary education and is a critical source of knowledge, training, research and innovation,” said Stephanie Forsyth, president and CEO, Red River College. “We’ve come a long way in 75 years and – as proud as we are of the past – we are equally excited about the vision for the future.”

“My sincere congratulations to Red River College on their 75th anniversary,” said the Hon. Erin Selby, Manitoba's minister of advanced education and literacy. “The College plays an integral role in meeting our government’s target of adding 75,000 workers to Manitoba’s labour force by 2020.”

“On behalf of students past and present, I want to congratulate the College on their 75th Anniversary,” said Jocelle Cuvos, president of the Red River College Students’ Association. “The College has always been dedicated to students' success and the SA is proud to be a partner in the continued success of students at RRC.”

RRC Cake Cutting

It's not a celebration without cake! Pictured (L-R): Mrs. Levinia Brown, Jocelle Cuvos, Richard Lennon, Stephanie Forsyth, and Hon. Erin Selby. PHOTO CREDIT: DAVID LIPNOWSKI

Annually, Red River College has more than 30,000 enrolments in full- and part-time degree, diploma and certificate programs. Through award-winning instruction and training on state-of-the-art equipment, RRC prepares its students to become leaders in their fields, while partnering with industry to conduct research and ensure curriculum remains up-to-date.

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Concentrating Solar Power in Manitoba

September 23, 2013
Pictured L-R (Kim Jasper, , RRC; Mr. Dale Friesen, MB Hydro, Mr. Bert van den Berg, NSERC, Mr. Ray Hoemsen, RRC, and Dr. James Blatz, U ofM)

From left: Kim Jasper, Red River College; Dale Friesen, Manitoba Hydro; Bert van den Berg, National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC); Ray Hoemsen, Red River College; and Dr. James Blatz, University of Manitoba.

Red River College (RRC), Manitoba Hydro (MH), and the University of Manitoba (U of M) partnered to develop a solar thermal parabolic trough system (Solar Trough) to concentrate energy and test its effectiveness in cold climates.

"This world-class project will explore the feasibility of providing sustainable heating to the world’s cold-climate communities,” said Stephanie Forsyth, president of Red River College. “It also serves as a successful partnership model for applied learning and innovation, with the University of Manitoba and the College sharing resources and expertise.”

The system captures and concentrates solar energy into a fluid-filled tube where heat production is being measured. Phase One of the project will measure the amount of heat the troughs produce in a cold climate environment. This is the first time an application like this has been explored in a cold climate. While solar power systems have been effective in much warmer regions like California and New Mexico, there has never been a chance to determine their effectiveness in an extremely cold climate.

“This project will test the trough’s performance in Manitoba’s climate, and we intend to use the results to estimate Manitoba’s solar thermal resource,” said Dale Friesen, division manager, Industrial and Commercial Solutions for Manitoba Hydro. “These troughs could potentially be used to lower the province's use of electricity and natural gas for heating purposes.”

Solar Trough located at Red River College's Notre Dame Campus

The Solar Trough located at Red River College's Notre Dame Campus

"This partnership between the University of Manitoba, Red River College, and Manitoba Hydro is an example of how we can pool our considerable research talents at the three institutions to deliver successful and meaningful research," said James Blatz, associate vice-president (partnerships) and professor civil engineering, University of Manitoba. "It's our collective goal to capitalize on many more successful research partnership opportunities such as this."

The solar trough site is the latest in RRC facilities and equipment dedicated to research in sustainable energy and infrastructure. Along with funding from Manitoba Hydro and the U of M, this project is financially supported in part by the College’s Sustainable Infrastructure Technology Research Group, with funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

RRC Marks National Trucking Week in Manitoba

September 6, 2013

Red River College's Heavy Equipment Transportation Centre (HETC).

Red River College wishes to recognize the Manitoba Trucking Association and its members during National Trucking Week in Canada.

“Red River College works closely with the trucking industry in Manitoba to ensure we provide training opportunities to drive the economy and provide a qualified workforce,” said Stephanie Forsyth, president of RRC. “We want to recognize National Trucking Week and applaud the Manitoba Trucking Association and its members during this celebratory week.”

In 2009, RRC opened its innovative Heavy Equipment Transportation Centre (HETC), which offers training in the areas of Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics, Truck and Transport Mechanics, and Transport Trailer Technician. The facility has provided the College with increased enrolment opportunities in the heavy duty and transport trade programs.

HETC also supports Manitoba’s growing green-energy economy by affording opportunities for conducting applied research and advanced training in leading-edge technologies such as biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen and electric hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells, and emissions and cold-weather testing. Read More →

Province Announces New Ultrasound Training Program at Red River College

June 11, 2013


New funding in Budget 2013 will create an ultrasound training program at Red River College to help ensure patients can access the vital diagnostic tests they need, Advanced Education and Literacy Minister Erin Selby and Health Minister Theresa Oswald announced today.

“Ultrasound technologists help expectant families know their babies will be healthy and improve doctors’ ability to diagnose conditions such as breast cancer and heart problems,” said Selby. “With the creation of this new training program, our government continues to put health care first by ensuring that patients can get the tests they need, when they need them, for years to come.”

The Manitoba government is investing $500,000 to create the new 16-seat ultrasound training program, to be offered at Red River College, and an additional $500,000 to build a new clinical simulation lab. The new training program will replace the existing 13-seat ultrasound course available through Health Sciences Centre, which will move to RRC in March 2014. By increasing the number of ultrasound graduates, hospitals will be able to fill vacancies and continue improving access to these vital diagnostic tests, Selby added. Read More →

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